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Faucets provide both form and function, completing the look of your home and providing you with running water. When your faucet is leaking or you simply want to upgrade to a new one, Dayton Services can replace faucets and any parts of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room sinks. We offer solutions that help you save money, reduce waste and add to the overall style of your home.

Faucet Installation & Leak Repair

The cost of a leaky faucet

According to the EPA, a dripping faucet in your home can cause over 200 gallons of water to be wasted every month. This not only costs you more money, but contributes to the depletion of one of the earth’s most precious natural resources. On top of wasting water, a leaky faucet can be a sign of a more major plumbing problem. When left untouched, this can escalate into a more costly, complex repair in the long term. Calling Dayton Services for a minor leaking faucet repair gives our plumbers the opportunity to diagnose larger plumbing problems in your home and fix them before major damage occurs.

Hassle-free faucet installation

Looking for a simple way to transform the look of your bathroom, kitchen or wet bar? A new faucet can revamp or complete the look of your home. Avoid the difficulty and inconvenience of trying to install it yourself by calling Dayton Services. Our plumbers will get the job done quickly and effectively, saving you stress and leaving you satisfied with your home’s new look.

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